Biogravitatsiya  -  breaking  to  longevity
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Protect the surface of the concrete floor
To protect the concrete floor, which is operated in the normal mode, or is subject to wear in areas with high traffic, there are several ways to protect the surface.
   Comparable ways: their cost, appearance and ability to perform the task to protect.
   In this article, we consider three ways to finish and protect the floor. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.
   Thin fil...

Finishing compositions based on water glass. Part 3
When used as part of exhaustion moderator comes coagulation and solidification of liquid glass. However, due to the presence in the composition of Portland cement with a finishing time is an increase strength of the coating due to hydration of cement minerals. Thus from colloids formed during the coagulation liquid glass are actively assigned to the water for hydration of cement, a porous media formed tumors filled Portland cement, which leads to...

Finishing compositions based on water glass. Part 2
Studies in Berlin Institute Federal institute for Materials Research and Testing, show that the average density of 1730 kg/m3 brick large proportion of pores having a size in excess of 1 micron is more than 90% [3] and they are responsible for the increased migration of fluids through brickwork.
   Most fully meet these requirements structure obtained by coagulation and water-soluble potassium silicate forming silica with a high sp...

Modernization and repair of self-propelled machines. (3)
Hardening electrolysis BORATING hinge pins and bushings mates working equipment hydraulic excavators EO-4121 (EA-4321) gives an increase in wear resistance 4-6 times compared to the bulk quenching details.
   Taking into account the high wear resistance of brazed blades, hardened sintered alloys (see Table 1), are recommended for carbide knives dumps graders DZ-122 and RS-98, combined machine E-405 based on KAMAZ, for front dumps a t...

Specialized exhibition Architecture. Construction (END)
Mari-lime brick and gas silicate blocks
   JSC "MZSK" produces silicate brick and a half, color (white, yellow, black, red, blue, green, brown).
   For the production of silica brick used quartz sand from quarries near the plant. Limestone enters the factory with Dobryatinskogo deposit Vladimir region. Silicate brick (Table 1) is used for masonry exterior and interior walls of buildings and structures, as well as ...

Geophysical processes primers and security. Part 5
In the center of Moscow can distinguish vertical structure comprising a crashing into the Earth`s crust magma elongated cylinder (Fig. 2) [5]. In the center section marked lack of extensive vertical zone converted waves ("blind spot"), going from the depths of 70-80 km to 7.5 km. Such "blind spots" are characteristic of the earth`s crust with the introduction of monolithic dense mantle rocks such as gabbro, diabase, etc. In such a zone Tashkent e...

Finishing compositions based on water glass. Part 1
The quality of the decoration of buildings for new construction and reconstruction depend not only on their aesthetic, but also the operational parameters, as good-quality finish - a guarantee of durable service basic designs, long maintenance-free operation, the costs for maintenance and care. Traditional binders used for the production of finishing compositions, liquid glass is widely used, but it has some drawback: coatings based on it gaining...

On possible amendments to the equation Griffiths
Griffith presented a picture of destruction allowed to formulate the problem of determining conditions of the beginning of crack propagation and find its general solution.
   As seen from the above schemes, in the process of crack propagation material directly adjacent to it "coasts" unloaded relaxes. This means that the stress and strain it decreases, and the elastic energy stored earlier in this area of ​​the body is re...

Construction skyscrapers - the requirements of modernity. Part 4
The program is a high-rise building in Moscow
   The project is now a high-rise building in Moscow is implemented in two main areas: the construction of business center "Moscow City" and implementation of the program of the Government of Moscow "New Ring of Russia."
   1. Moscow international business center "Moscow - City"
   The project includes the construction of buildings on the territory of abou...

Degree project - beginning of the road. (3)
Given the great diversity of subject matter and content of diplomas in various specialties, the jury is faced with great difficulties in determining the winners - "Who better violinist or a dancer?". Nevertheless, often based on emotional perception and can estimate the relevance and novelty, and the author`s contribution to the thesis project or job. Absolute winners in recent years have been graduates of Rostov CSO GASU St. Petersburg, Nizhny N...


 Information for builders



 Biogravitatsiya  -  breaking  to  longevity

Health - is a jewel, and, moreover, the only one for which indeed is not only to invest time, effort, work and any benefits, but also a particle sacrifice of life itself, because life without it becoming unbearable and humiliating.

   1. Introduction
   On the border of the XX and XXI centuries, people looking for new opportunities health management and creative activity, which would allow him to not only extend the period of stagnation in the passive aging, but also increase the capacity of creative activity, transfer phase for enhancing the level of dedication and fruitful achieve a state of inner satisfaction with the outcome of his way of life through enhanced communication with the brain the information structure of the environment. Upcoming XXI century will be a period in the development of gravitational technology whose capabilities for example medicine we disclose in our book.
   We shall not develop the assertion that the work, painted utility consciousness creative work, brings new impetus to the mechanism of improvement of life "swap", but also prolongs the life itself, increase resistance immunity.
   It is known that the highest level of creative thinkers activities were generally long-lived. The examples do not need to seek far enough to remember chemist Academician Zelinsky, Vernadsky, LN Tolstoy
   The creative impulse is equivalent to the energy "pumping" as any act of the creative process takes place at the time of enlightenment and reading space-based information, which, along with the introduction of new knowledge promotes healthy person, the disclosure of internal hindered physiological abilities, aimed at overcoming those states that usually lead to the oppression of the mind .
   The joy of discovery helps to maintain a positive emotional.
   However, despite the statement of fact relationship with the body in the phase space of creative revitalization, we pay little to elucidate the mechanism of formation of gravitational activation of the body, because a detailed examination of this problem requires finding the essence of the interaction channels of information "swap" and the environment, or otherwise fine structure interaction effects and reactions of the physical world and the brain fluctuations Noosphere information field that eventually would be based on the knowledge of the properties of the environment, which until recently dropped out of the field of view of medical professionals.
   Introduction of the hypothesis of the polymer structure of the atmosphere and space academician V. Korshak, as well as models of the polymeric structure of water by the French physicist Nobel laureate de Gennes provided a new look at the properties of polymeric materials as natural living organism, as well as synthetic polymers energy ties between them are realized in form of the interaction energy of gravitational waves, which can be controlled and adjusted by means of polymer stimulants. The biological effect of control parameters of a living system using biopolymers - correctors has a wide range of use.
   On the border of the new century, we must clarify these issues and show that, in addition to electromagnetic correlations of living matter and the surrounding area, there are information channels associated with other types of wave phenomena, other than those which are formed in three-dimensional world in connection with the emission of electromagnetic waves.
   The paper first discusses in detail the properties of gravitational waves, which are key components of the wave condition of living matter, which imparts resistance of the immune status of the organism and determine the effect of life stability, and hence the ability to counteract the influence of destabilizing factors in the external environment.
   Controlling the state of the body by the gravitational waves and solitons classified as biogravitatsionny effect. Biophysical mechanism biogravitatsionnogo effect repeatedly investigated in various medical institutions, including the St. Petersburg Medical Institute of Medical Sciences Dr. Elena Sergeeva Gennadievna.
   These studies have shown that there is a definite relationship between the structure of the blood cells that can be combined in molecular aggregates, ie take the so-called aggregation states, and the influence of polymer biogravitatsionnym activator. It is, therefore, about the interaction of the polymer (the physical world) and mikropolimernoy matter structures.
   Article "Blood - the elixir of life", dedicated to this area of ​​research, we were kindly provided Dr. EG Sergeeva for inclusion in this work.
   Dr. EG Sergeeva conducted a series of studies on the effect biogravitatsii and is co-author of patent development to develop new diagnostic tools based on the realization of opportunities biogravitatsionnogo effect.
   The advantage of the developed method is not only an opportunity to expand personal opportunities for prevention, but also enhance the immune resistance of the body and, therefore, longevity and high creativity.
   Biogravitatsionny effect is very promising as a physical approach to the disclosure of such states of the human psyche, as an emotional state.
   So, based on the methods of biophysics, we succeeded in this approach to derive equations of the generalized chemical reaction of living tissue and thus come closer to the assertion of the fact that emotional responses recorded on the chemical language.
   Earlier it was predicted Helena Roerich: "How to establish the boundary between indignation and annoyance or between shock and fear? Nobody finds words defining such, nearly touching feelings. But the time will come when science will find a way to investigate the substance, Extractability with each emotion. Purely chemical base explanations where, when it starts a certain feeling. Pendulum of life in its movement shows the change of psychic energy. As accurately senses chemistry will be determined. "
   Currently tool for contactless control of human emotional reactions patented AS number 180731 30.05.1989 Bull. Number 20, entitled "Device for psychophysiological studies Sergeeva" - bioplazmograf.