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Protect the surface of the concrete floor
To protect the concrete floor, which is operated in the normal mode, or is subject to wear in areas with high traffic, there are several ways to protect the surface.
   Comparable ways: their cost, appearance and ability to perform the task to protect.
   In this article, we consider three ways to finish and protect the floor. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.
   Thin fil...

Finishing compositions based on water glass. Part 3
When used as part of exhaustion moderator comes coagulation and solidification of liquid glass. However, due to the presence in the composition of Portland cement with a finishing time is an increase strength of the coating due to hydration of cement minerals. Thus from colloids formed during the coagulation liquid glass are actively assigned to the water for hydration of cement, a porous media formed tumors filled Portland cement, which leads to...

Finishing compositions based on water glass. Part 2
Studies in Berlin Institute Federal institute for Materials Research and Testing, show that the average density of 1730 kg/m3 brick large proportion of pores having a size in excess of 1 micron is more than 90% [3] and they are responsible for the increased migration of fluids through brickwork.
   Most fully meet these requirements structure obtained by coagulation and water-soluble potassium silicate forming silica with a high sp...

Modernization and repair of self-propelled machines. (3)
Hardening electrolysis BORATING hinge pins and bushings mates working equipment hydraulic excavators EO-4121 (EA-4321) gives an increase in wear resistance 4-6 times compared to the bulk quenching details.
   Taking into account the high wear resistance of brazed blades, hardened sintered alloys (see Table 1), are recommended for carbide knives dumps graders DZ-122 and RS-98, combined machine E-405 based on KAMAZ, for front dumps a t...

Specialized exhibition Architecture. Construction (END)
Mari-lime brick and gas silicate blocks
   JSC "MZSK" produces silicate brick and a half, color (white, yellow, black, red, blue, green, brown).
   For the production of silica brick used quartz sand from quarries near the plant. Limestone enters the factory with Dobryatinskogo deposit Vladimir region. Silicate brick (Table 1) is used for masonry exterior and interior walls of buildings and structures, as well as ...

Geophysical processes primers and security. Part 5
In the center of Moscow can distinguish vertical structure comprising a crashing into the Earth`s crust magma elongated cylinder (Fig. 2) [5]. In the center section marked lack of extensive vertical zone converted waves ("blind spot"), going from the depths of 70-80 km to 7.5 km. Such "blind spots" are characteristic of the earth`s crust with the introduction of monolithic dense mantle rocks such as gabbro, diabase, etc. In such a zone Tashkent e...

Finishing compositions based on water glass. Part 1
The quality of the decoration of buildings for new construction and reconstruction depend not only on their aesthetic, but also the operational parameters, as good-quality finish - a guarantee of durable service basic designs, long maintenance-free operation, the costs for maintenance and care. Traditional binders used for the production of finishing compositions, liquid glass is widely used, but it has some drawback: coatings based on it gaining...

On possible amendments to the equation Griffiths
Griffith presented a picture of destruction allowed to formulate the problem of determining conditions of the beginning of crack propagation and find its general solution.
   As seen from the above schemes, in the process of crack propagation material directly adjacent to it "coasts" unloaded relaxes. This means that the stress and strain it decreases, and the elastic energy stored earlier in this area of ​​the body is re...

Construction skyscrapers - the requirements of modernity. Part 4
The program is a high-rise building in Moscow
   The project is now a high-rise building in Moscow is implemented in two main areas: the construction of business center "Moscow City" and implementation of the program of the Government of Moscow "New Ring of Russia."
   1. Moscow international business center "Moscow - City"
   The project includes the construction of buildings on the territory of abou...

Degree project - beginning of the road. (3)
Given the great diversity of subject matter and content of diplomas in various specialties, the jury is faced with great difficulties in determining the winners - "Who better violinist or a dancer?". Nevertheless, often based on emotional perception and can estimate the relevance and novelty, and the author`s contribution to the thesis project or job. Absolute winners in recent years have been graduates of Rostov CSO GASU St. Petersburg, Nizhny N...


 Information for builders




Nevertheless, increased cavitation effects is possible by creating elegant mechanically and thermodynamically highly efficient device that provides a sufficient temperature rise in the liquid. This would create the necessary prerequisites for the development of engineering-design system for the autonomous production of heat and hot water in residential and public areas; systems using devices which are a characteristic feature of the rotating parts (screws) that by running fluid through additional channels lead to the total increase the efficiency of cavitation processes.
   This object is achieved in that the venturi is provided with the usual screw rotated by fluid flow cyclically blocking additional channels - the grooves ending in openings which in turn are located in a zone of cavitation. Engineering and design solution such cavitator illustrated pattern.
   Cavitator represents a housing 1 inside which is placed axially sleeve 2 (venturi analogue) with a central bore which opens into a zone of cavitation. On the hub 2 by the fluid flow coming rzmeschen auger 3, which in its rotation successively overlapping grooves 5 formed in the insert 4 with openings 6 opening into a zone of cavitation. Box 4 is seated firmly on the output side of the liquid flow cavitator.
   As materials for the manufacture of cavitator can be used simple steel if coolants are plain water and other inert liquids or special steels and metals, if the coolant is chemically active. When the sleeve 2 and the insert 4 may be integrally formed.
   Treated cavitator works as follows. When forced motion of a fluid outlet sleeve for 2 due to the pressure differential created zone developed cavitation, which sharply increased cyclic disruption in this area cavitating liquid of Holes 6, alternately overlapping rotating screw 3.
   Practical tests have been conducted on cavitator apparatus consisting of a closed hydraulic circuit length L = 40m (inner diameter of the pipe d = 25 mm), the pump
   (H = 0,60), motor (h = 0,84) and the actual cavitator. As the coolant used ordinary water. In trials carried out registration of input electrical characteristics: power, voltage and current. In addition, recorded during the experimental cycle, as well as changes in the device temperature and water pressure.
   The working temperature range is selected interval 40-60 C - typical for heating premises.
   For comparison, the data presented therein concurrent control tests cavitators venturi type, having similar cross sections of internal channels.
   Symbols in the table:
   S - the value of working sections of internal channels cavitator
   t - time, temperature rise in the machine from 40 to 60 degrees C;
   Q - increase the heat content of the device during the experimental cycle;
   h - the conversion factor introduced into the machine into thermal energy (this does not include the energy to heat radiation in space and air convection)
   Based on the Stefan-Boltzmann equation gives the radiation losses Eizl.
   = 1.24 MJ. Thus, the real efficiency of vehicle equipped cavitator considered to be not less than happ = (3.74 +1.24) / 5.36 = 0.93. This means that the efficiency actually cavitator (reaching values ​​hkav = 1.95, because it is actually introduced into the kinetic energy is not due to a 100% performance pump and motor half) really happ hkav and significantly higher as , remains unrecorded energy zatarchennaya on gravitational convection air.
   Analysis of test results given in the table shows that the structure considered cavitator ceteris paribus demonstiruet higher compared with existing converting input power into the hydraulic circuit of electrical energy into thermal energy. In this regard, we can assume that the use of such cavitator heating systems and other heating devices for various purposes has quite favorable prospects. Cavitator for Hydrophysical teplogeneratorov protected by RF patent.