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Protect the surface of the concrete floor
To protect the concrete floor, which is operated in the normal mode, or is subject to wear in areas with high traffic, there are several ways to protect the surface.
   Comparable ways: their cost, appearance and ability to perform the task to protect.
   In this article, we consider three ways to finish and protect the floor. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.
   Thin fil...

Finishing compositions based on water glass. Part 3
When used as part of exhaustion moderator comes coagulation and solidification of liquid glass. However, due to the presence in the composition of Portland cement with a finishing time is an increase strength of the coating due to hydration of cement minerals. Thus from colloids formed during the coagulation liquid glass are actively assigned to the water for hydration of cement, a porous media formed tumors filled Portland cement, which leads to...

Finishing compositions based on water glass. Part 2
Studies in Berlin Institute Federal institute for Materials Research and Testing, show that the average density of 1730 kg/m3 brick large proportion of pores having a size in excess of 1 micron is more than 90% [3] and they are responsible for the increased migration of fluids through brickwork.
   Most fully meet these requirements structure obtained by coagulation and water-soluble potassium silicate forming silica with a high sp...

Modernization and repair of self-propelled machines. (3)
Hardening electrolysis BORATING hinge pins and bushings mates working equipment hydraulic excavators EO-4121 (EA-4321) gives an increase in wear resistance 4-6 times compared to the bulk quenching details.
   Taking into account the high wear resistance of brazed blades, hardened sintered alloys (see Table 1), are recommended for carbide knives dumps graders DZ-122 and RS-98, combined machine E-405 based on KAMAZ, for front dumps a t...

Specialized exhibition Architecture. Construction (END)
Mari-lime brick and gas silicate blocks
   JSC "MZSK" produces silicate brick and a half, color (white, yellow, black, red, blue, green, brown).
   For the production of silica brick used quartz sand from quarries near the plant. Limestone enters the factory with Dobryatinskogo deposit Vladimir region. Silicate brick (Table 1) is used for masonry exterior and interior walls of buildings and structures, as well as ...

Geophysical processes primers and security. Part 5
In the center of Moscow can distinguish vertical structure comprising a crashing into the Earth`s crust magma elongated cylinder (Fig. 2) [5]. In the center section marked lack of extensive vertical zone converted waves ("blind spot"), going from the depths of 70-80 km to 7.5 km. Such "blind spots" are characteristic of the earth`s crust with the introduction of monolithic dense mantle rocks such as gabbro, diabase, etc. In such a zone Tashkent e...

Finishing compositions based on water glass. Part 1
The quality of the decoration of buildings for new construction and reconstruction depend not only on their aesthetic, but also the operational parameters, as good-quality finish - a guarantee of durable service basic designs, long maintenance-free operation, the costs for maintenance and care. Traditional binders used for the production of finishing compositions, liquid glass is widely used, but it has some drawback: coatings based on it gaining...

On possible amendments to the equation Griffiths
Griffith presented a picture of destruction allowed to formulate the problem of determining conditions of the beginning of crack propagation and find its general solution.
   As seen from the above schemes, in the process of crack propagation material directly adjacent to it "coasts" unloaded relaxes. This means that the stress and strain it decreases, and the elastic energy stored earlier in this area of ​​the body is re...

Construction skyscrapers - the requirements of modernity. Part 4
The program is a high-rise building in Moscow
   The project is now a high-rise building in Moscow is implemented in two main areas: the construction of business center "Moscow City" and implementation of the program of the Government of Moscow "New Ring of Russia."
   1. Moscow international business center "Moscow - City"
   The project includes the construction of buildings on the territory of abou...

Degree project - beginning of the road. (3)
Given the great diversity of subject matter and content of diplomas in various specialties, the jury is faced with great difficulties in determining the winners - "Who better violinist or a dancer?". Nevertheless, often based on emotional perception and can estimate the relevance and novelty, and the author`s contribution to the thesis project or job. Absolute winners in recent years have been graduates of Rostov CSO GASU St. Petersburg, Nizhny N...


 Information for builders




Nature has always been generous to a man, and he could spend her wealth without hesitation.
   However, the stock of natural resources on earth is not unlimited, so it`s time to learn how to spend them carefully.
   After the energy crisis of the 70s Europe learned to conserve energy. For Russia, where blizzards, wind, rain - the usual weather, the problem of rational use of energy resources is particularly acute.
   Not all causes of energy waste can be eliminated. But, using appropriate technologies and materials, you can avoid these energy losses.
   One of the main directions in this field is the insulation of facades of industrial and residential buildings. There are three most common systems of facades of buildings, each of which has a number of advantages and disadvantages.
   System 1. Insulation is located on the inner side walling.
   The application of this system is always associated with a decrease in the inner area of ​​the premises and the additional cost of a vapor barrier, predotv inverting water vapor condensation on the boundary of the inner walls and insulation. High humidity reduces the thermal performance, appearance and active growth of mold and mildew.
   System 2. Insulation is located inside the enclosing structure (kolodtsevoy masonry, multi-wall panels). For such a system cladding is made of two parallel walls interconnected rigid links, and the image space between them is filled with insulation. When the inner wall is a carrier, and protects the insulation from the external atmospheric agents. Installation of the system is possible at low temperatures. However, it also has significant disadvantages: firstly, under a walling requires voluminous and expensive as compared to the foundation 3 system, and secondly, the water vapor condenses between the outer and inner walls and the insulation material on the inner surface of the outer wall, which reduces the thermal resistance of the enclosing structure and accelerates depreciation.
   System 3. Insulation located outside the enclosing structure. Here, the thickness thereof can be minimized, on the basis of strength requirements.
   The thickness of the insulation should be such that the vapor condensation zone and the main temperature difference inside the heat insulating plates are. In this case, the condensate evaporates easily due to its high vapor permeability of the system. If you have warmer outside, it must be protected from inclement weather. Currently, there are two main systems of protection.
   A) exterior insulation system with ventilated facade (the shield).
   The advantage of this system is that its installation can be performed at low temperatures. However, the system has limitations in the application for buildings with complex architecture, as well as in cases when it is necessary to accurately reproduce the original appearance of the facade. This system is quite costly and time consuming, which to some extent reduces the fields of application.
   B) System exterior insulation protective and decorative layer on a heater. This system is easy to install, is the most versatile and is considered the main facade insulation system.
   System actually has only one drawback: its installation can be carried out at temperatures above zero. But the application of the protective heat shield eliminates this restriction.
   In domestic practice, in structures greatest use is made insulating mineral wool, fiberglass and polystyrene.
   Along with insulation of facades of buildings, considerable importance is the insulation of buildings structures in contact with the external environment. Full range of heat preservation is possible with thermal insulation of roofs, the use of modern technologies fill window openings.
   1. JSC "PO R.O.S.Remstroy" holds a strong position among those who effectively introduces heat-saving technologies and materials.
   2. Ten years of experience JSC "PO R.O.S.Remstroy" in the construction business allowed the company to rise to the highest level of quality.
   3. Nowadays, the production activities of the association represents a full range of construction works and services.
   4. One of the main goals of our work - maintaining the balance of the environment, improve safety, comfort and well-being.